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Pressloaded platform consists of many things, alphabetical songs, Videos, Newspapers, Newspapers, Politics, and so on. and it is hosted under wordpress.

And this is not just a movie or a musician, this site is just a matter of concern and its owner does not know what to say or what music is, just the contents of the page make it a bit like a kannywood.We bring you some cheat to make it easy for them to get ready without delay.

Thank you for being a visit to our site of Pressloaded and continue to be worried about us, and our goal is to enjoy your happiness.

Our Central goal is to end up noticeably the Best Online Entry conveying new Nigerian Substance to Nigerians home and abroad.. Pressloaded covers all Feature of Life extending from Music, Video, Nigerian Diversion News, Data and Nigerian Training News,Hausa hip hop,kannywood recordings and so forth.